Medicare Supplement Insurance and Independent agents

The sales industry of Medicare’s insurance has changed dramatically in recent years, trying to adapt to the more than 10,000 people who specialize in Medicare and who are more tech savvy than any other group in the history of mankind. Boomers are quite comfortable to interact over the internet. You can buy almost everything online, including Medicare plans. But should you?

Personally, I believe that an independent agent you can rely on locally is the best approach when buying Medicare plans. Medicare can be puzzling. Mailboxes and the Internet are replete with many conflicting information. And while I have several customers who have done most of their first online research; Finally, they wanted to sit face to face to make their final purchase decisions.

Advantages of using an independent insurance agent:  find one at

  1. Independence – An independent insurance agent usually have contracts with a majority of insurance companies in your area. This means that they can do the shopping for you, and you do not have to make multiple calls to all insurance companies.
  2. choice – due to their relationships with several insurance companies, the loyalty of an independent agent is yours. That means they can offer you every business, every plan and every available price.
  3. Local – An independent insurance agent is usually a small business owner. Their support means you can hold jobs within or around you.
  4. Free of charge – The agent’s commissions are paid directly by the insurance companies. So you never pay for services or more for Medicare products that you purchase through them.
  5. Resources – Independent agents are a great resource for information on local providers, community help and caregivers available to Medicare beneficiaries.
  6. Longevity – So many independent agents have been available for a while. It means that you will be having a genuine relationship with an individual who will be with you and your family in the long run.
  7. Service – have You received a bill from a doctor that you do not think is correct. Your recipe is no longer subject to the new formula? You have received a premium increase? Would you rather call (and wait) for the same 800 number used by millions of other Medicare beneficiaries or ask your personal insurance agent for help?

A Medicare benefit plan is an option that a Medicare beneficiary has. It’s important to understand how these plans work before deciding to sign up. Any experienced supplement insurance agent is competent enough to explain the differences between Medicare Advantage plans, traditional Medicare, and Medicare supplements so that you can make the right decision for yourself.

With an independent insurance agent you lose nothing if you prefer to communicate via email or online. Many agents are quite conversant with the available technology in the Medicare insurance industry and have their own emails, websites, and Face book pages where they can interact with their customers. However, it may also be nice to sit down at your kitchen table to discuss some of the issues that arise when we grow older with a knowledgeable and experienced agent who chooses to be with you in the trenches.